Rancilio Classe 8 Traditional Espresso Machine

Classe 8 is an innovative coffee machine that truly stands on the cutting edge, incorporating technology of an extremely high standard of

Its appealing design makes Classe 8 ideal for trendy establishments, it always stands out thanks to the styling of its forms and the
elegance of steel. Displaying bold, modern forms, Classe 8 is further enhanced by a stainless steel finish which makes it appear even
more linear and compact, lending it a young-looking, yet refined style.

Thanks to its interchangeable sides, Classe 8 also fits well into limited counter space.
Classe 8 DE Tall  

Classe 8 DE is the most complete version, with electronic control of the main machine functions.

Classe 8 DE is available in a Tall version. It is specifically designed to brew coffee and milk drinks typically served in large-size
paper cups.  

Opzioni DE Tall:  
  • An internal computer with an electronic and alphanumeric display controls the main machine functions - including an
    automatic cleaning cycle - guaranteeing top performance and reduced consumption.
  • Thanks to a weekly programming function, the user can set the machine on/off times from the display.
  • With the Standard Espresso Quality system the internal computer immediately warns the user in case of non-perfect brewing.
  • iSteam, the new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft
    and remarkably compact cream is obtained.

  • Stainless Steel

        Classe 8 DE 1 gr. Tall
  • Boiler capacity 5 lt
  • Boiler heating element 2700/3000 W Photo   

      Classe 8 DE 2 gr. Tall
  • Boiler capacity 11 lt
  • Boiler heating element 6000 W Photo   

        Classe 8 DE 3 gr. Tall
  • Boiler capacity 16 lt
  • Boiler heating element 6000 W Photo   

        Classe 8 DE 4 gr. Tall
  • Boiler capacity 22 lt
  • Boiler heating element 6000 W Photo   

  •  iSteam
  • Space saving removable sides

  • DP water softener with automatic or manual control
  • MD dosing grinders
  • Pod adapter kit