The ten key benefits of the Melitta® bar at a glance:
1. Professional metal brew unit
2. Simple operation with large graphic display
3. Integrated grinder for finely ground coffee
4. Micro-fine sieve for more aroma from less coffee
5. Maximum quality ensured by variable pressure for each coffee speciality (VPS =Variable Pressure System)
6. Two bean containers for different blends
7. Automatic milk frother for fresh milk
8. Access via multi-level chip key system
9. Automatic cleaning system
10. HACCP compliance for high hygiene standard
Melitta® bar
Very easy to operate.
Heavy-duty technology.

The metal brew unit with horizontally mounted metal piston ensures maintenance-free operation for up to 30,000 coffee products a year.

A precision grinder guarantees consistently fine grinding quality. In combination with its pre-infusion system – whereby the ground
coffee is wetted to release the flavour substances – and micro-fine sieve, the machine produces highly aromatic, top-quality espressos
and coffee specialities, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.
This is facilitated by an optimized grinding process for particularly fine and flavourful ground coffee
and an ideally suited micro-fine sieve with over 45,000 holes.

Two bean containers enable the use of a second blend – with an additional chute for the preparation of decaffeinated coffee. The
machine is thus capable of serving up to 150 cups of espresso per hour. A speed which is also guaranteed by the machine’s ease of

The large-format graphic display
shows the 18 possible settings which can be selected via three operating
levels. With its easy-to-navigate menu functions, the display enables users to quickly access and set all possible parameters. It also
provides a wealth of information about such things as how full the grounds container is and when automatic cleaning is due to start.

The automatic milk frother delivers fine and creamy froth within seconds – a quality that can only be achieved with fresh milk.

The extra nozzle for manual frothing is more of a nostalgic reminiscence, but simply indispensable for the character of the Melitta® bar

Thanks to its robust housing and stainless-steel front, the
Melitta® bar is not only a feast for the eyes but also easy to clean.

A chip key system provides access to the machine and can distinguish between staff and manager level.