Franke Evolution 1-Step Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
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Franke Evolution 1-Step Super-Automatic Espresso Machine with Undercounter Refrigerator

The Evolution 1-Step enables espresso grinding and brewing as well as milk steaming all at the touch of a button.
Autosteam™ wand allows the option of steaming by hand.

*Includes undercounter milk refrigerator, hot water and Autosteam™ wand, 2 grinders and milk foamer

Detailed Product Features
• Single-touch grinding and brewing
• Up to 24 individually programmable products including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and iced   drinks
• Fully programmable espresso grind, tamp, temperature, pre-infusion, water volume, extraction time, and more
• Capable of producing up to 300 coffee drinks/day - up to 2 drinks/minute
• 2 high precision grinders & hoppers (for regular/decaf or different roasts)
• Hoppers hold 3.3 lbs. each.
• Fully electronic control board with illuminated LCD
• Programming cards for easy programming, calibration, and troubleshooting
• Easy to clean with automatic rinsing and cleaning programs
• Powerful 2.9 liter boiler
• AutoSteam™ delivers perfect milk texture, temperature, and taste every single time
• Sanitation standard NSF 4 and UL approved
• Self contained water tank and drainage
• Coffee outlet moves up and down to accommodate various cup sizes
• Hooks up to waterline

Construction: Metal and plastic
Dimensions: 31”H x 13”W x 24”D (Evolution); 24”H x 13”W x 17.5”D (refrigerator)
Weight: 135 lbs. (Evolution); 75 (refrigerator)
Electrical: requires 208V/30 amp; 4800 watts (Evolution); 110V/15 amp; 150 watts (refrigerator)
Price Includes: Franke Evolution 1-Step with refrigerator, installation and training.
Warranty: 13 months parts and labor.