Cafina c5 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
c5 shown with Milk System

Cafina c5 – Cafina coffee design
The Cafina development engineers have put all their know-how into equipping the Cafina c5 with all the features that caterers will be looking for tomorrow:
pleasing design and pushbutton convenience for exquisite coffee beverages. The benefits for the user are lower costs, ease of operation, attractive
egonomical design, technology that really helps and all with consistently high-quality coffee. Such concentrated high quality is what we call “Cafina coffee

Technology the answer for a successful coffee future
The technology of the Cafina c5 is the most modern in the world. A choice of milk systems with cold storage, the patented variable pressure system (VPS), a
processor-controlled piston, a powerful high-precision grinder, pre-infusion and bypass techniques, chip-card operating convenience and maintenance
support and electronic quality and functional checks by the automatic coffee quality system (ACS) set the high-tech standard for consistently high-quality
coffee. Different chip cards and the latest pushbutton technology provide for optimum convenience for operating personnel, manager and service
technician. Simple installation, individual programming, operating convenience, information display and functional analysis are the essential features of a
modern coffee machine. The Cafina brand stands for mature fully automatic coffee machine solutions that combine high coffee quality, reliable operation
and maintenance friendliness with maximum utilisation of the coffee and environmental protection.

Superior operating convenience
Top priority was given to an operator-friendly layout of the controls. Large pushbuttons with a distinct operating point, an illuminated easily legible display
and the possibility of programming up to 20 different coffee beverages from espresso to a jug of coffee make the day’s work easier and save precious time.
The Cafina c5 is fully automatic and self-monitoring.

Cafina economy
Cafina combats the ongoing demand for better cost-effectiveness with innovative developments and more efficient production techniques. In spite of the
greater reliance on high-technology, the result is a low-cost coffee machine which guarantees consistently high quality coffee and convenience as well.

The design
While taste and price are important, the Cafina c5 is also pleasing to the eye. Form, colour and ergonomic convenience are important aspects of Cafine
products. That quality and technology go hand in hand with advanced design and operator-friendliness is self-evident and therefore every Cafina product
should enhance the interior and working atmosphere of every catering establishment.

Cafina c5 – customised coffee making
The Cafina c5 stands for innovative, well conceived solutions for making coffee fully automatically: perfection in coffee making. The new high-quality
infusion mechanism in conjunction with the patented variable pressure system (VPS) enabled Cafina to achieve its goals. The compression during infusion is
continuously variable and can be set individually for each beverage from a really strong ristretto to the popular coffee cream or a refreshing jug of coffee.

Automatic coffee quality system
The heart of the new machine is the patented automatic coffee quality system (ACS) that continuously supervises all parameters of consequence such as
grinding fineness, coffee powder quantity, infusion time and water temperature. The ACS automatically corrects any deviations from the set values and thus
guarantees maximum coffee pleasure. The Cafina c5 has numerous safety and self-supervision features. The ACS monitors every conceivable factor to
protect the machine, maintain hygiene and ensure the long-term quality of the coffee — truly a coffee machine with the highest standard of safety and
quality control.

The advantages at a glance:
Ultimate coffee pleasure
Flexibility in application
Convenient in use
Environmentally friendly